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This unit discusses types of classes and the language levels. There are different types of beginners and there are many methodologies and techniques for teaching beginners as well as advice for possible problems. Motivational guidelines are also provided for a prospective teacher of students at the beginners level. There are also individual students which can create a more flexible learning environment for the student. Guidelines for instructing children and business English students are also given as well as things to consider for needs evaluation and analysis.In this unit, I learned about different tests and evaluation methods in the class. I learned that there are different types of tests, which all have different purposes. For example, a practice test is used to prepare students for exams or important formal tests, by allowing them to become familiar with the format. I learned that some teachers feel that formal testing is unnecessary. However, the school may require the teacher to test the students anyway. I learned that there are many different external exams, which test the students level of English proficiency.