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N.P. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 3 basically teaches three things. Making a needs analysis, drawing up a syllabus for the particular business course and evaluation of the course. These three items are treated to a detailed extend. In making a needs analysis for instance, this course explains the type of information to obtain from the students besides the placement test. It also advises on the use of questionnaires in the obtention of information from the students; with drafted example for illustration. The next important aspect that entails drafting a course syllabus is also treated in detail. Of course the syllabus bargain with students have to take place before the teacher presents the final syllabus. This seems to be the most important and demanding aspect of this unit because unlike in schools where syllabuses are given to teachers, the teacher has to develop his own, using the needs analysis, making sure he creates time for needs analysis and evaluation in his syllabus. Various types of evaluations and tests have been highlighted with the corresponding circumstances applicable to. The teacher is further made to understand that end of course evaluation report is very important and honest information for self evaluation would come from students through questionnaires. I think I can successfully draw up a needs analysis, create a syllabus for any particular business English teaching purpose and use the syllabus to produce lesson plans.