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In this unit we look over the many types of teaching aids and equipment that can be found in a classroom. Some of these are for example: a white/black board, Videos and DVDs, Computers, Photocopier, and Overhead projector. It is a good idea to be familiarized with them so you can incorporate it into the lesson to add more interest, elicit response, or to effectively communicate a language point or idea. They are not all made equal. Some may have more effectiveness than others depending upon what situation you require it. For example, worksheets and a white board would be most effective during the study phase, while visual aids or videos can be more effective in the engage phase. I try to utilize the many different teaching aids and equipment to not be predictable and boring, but to excite interest, and involve the use of all or as many senses as possible. I believe a fuller human sensory experience helps students to retain information better.