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N.O. - Saudi Arabia said:
In this lesson, I learned a lot about books and materials. Course books are very important for teachers, because if teacher decide to use a certain course book, their classes have to base on the course book, even though teacher can add some supplementary materials to make up the class, the course books are still the main material to teach. If teachers are lucky to choose the course book by themselves , teacher has to know both advantages and disadvantages before deciding which book to use. For advantages, I prefer to focus on that it should provide a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work. Also, it should be attractive and appealing to the eyes. For disadvantages, we have to admit that course book does not always fit the specific needs and interests of all the class members. Besides, sometimes , teachers are getting lazy and uncreative with course book, which we have to pay more attention to overcome. Authentic materials are all about native language, like newspaper,songs and video. They are too difficult for beginner students to learn. What kind of materials EFL students need should be graded for different levels and selected carefully. What's more, teacher also can create some materials to help students practice in specific parts. Common created materials are including Crosswords, Role-play cards, Gap fill activities and Picture stories. They are all very useful in the class.