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I must say, there were different methods and approach mentioned here which I believed , all are vital in Learning English, I may also add that as long as your students enjoy the way you execute your lesson , no matter which method or stage you are, I'm pretty sure that they will learn as you wanted and sometimes even more from what you've expected. I mean, just be more creative, be passionate on everything you do and most importantly do care for your students, There's no questions that your students will enjoy learning and make English learning FUN!By far, it's the toughest tense unit of all. Not just by the length but how similar they are, specially comparing the future perfect to the future perfect continuous. The Cuisenaire Rods could help discriminate while verbally reinforcing their respective uses. Also when teaching the present simple and the present continuous with future meaning, is important to stress the context used in contrast to the present meaning already studied before. Finally, will come in handy to group all the future tenses by its uses, so the student can establish the link.