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S.K. – Korea said:
This unit discusses the resources to assist in teaching a lesson. This includes blackboards, overhead projectors, CDs, DVDs, and visual aids. The unit provides recommendations about writing on blackboards, including not to write in capitalized letters, use space and color to highlight key points, recruit students to write so that your back isn't turned to the class for a long time, and plan what will be written on the board ahead of time. The unit says to ensure that all equipment is functioning before class and to have a backup plan should some equipment fail. Regarding dictionaries, the unit recommends that the students use an English-English dictionary as quickly as possible instead of a dictionary that translates between English and their native language. It is helpful to know that there are learners dictionaries that use simple English and examples of the words used in sentences. The unit also provides many online resources for students to practice English exercises or games or even take classes online. There are also many online resources for teachers that provide lesson ideas or exercises/games to use in class.