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L.C. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 4 addresses a grammar-oriented topic by introducing the tenses that are used in the English language. There are 12 tenses in total and three different times: the past, the present and the future. Each time has four aspects which are simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. When combined they create the 12 tenses. Understanding the grammar theory behind the use of verbs is very important for an EFL teacher. This includes the form in which a tense or grammar point may be used, that is the affirmative, the negative and the question forms, as well as the usages of each tense or grammar point. The usages refer to the specific circumstances in which a tense or grammar point is used. The unit also provides common errors that are likely to occur during the learning process of the verb tenses. They are very useful for a teacher when choosing examples to give to the students in order to avoid predictable errors. Eventhough grammar can sometimes be a heavy subject to teach, there are various interactive and dynamic activities that can be put into practice in the classroom. These include showing visuals to elicit description from the students, narrating stories to put into practice the use of the different tenses, miming which is a great way to demonstrate actions, doing surveys to encourage the use of the present perfect, to name just a few.