TESOL Samut Prakan

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L.C. - Germany said:
The material in this unit is about the two receptive skills, speaking and writing. With speaking its more important to be fluent, while with writing it is more important to be accurate. So it's important to balance and practice both of them in activities and teachings. Teaching accuracy is usually controlled and focussed on producing correct language and thus usually part of the study phase, while fluency is usually part of the activate phase and focussed on allowing the students to make mistakes, be creative and to have fluent and effective communication. There are different activities which focus on either more or less fluency/accuracy so your classes have to be balanced. There are several reasons a student might be reluctant to produce language so its important to keep in mind different techniques that help encourage them. For the production of the language you need both creative speaking and writing activities, where the content and topic interests them and motivates them to produce the language and improve their pronunciation, spelling, punctuation and handwriting in English. So wether you are focussing on speaking or writing in a lesson, it is essential to have clear aims of what you want to achieve, sufficient preparation, estimate how students will participate, and give proper instructions, evaluation and feedback before and after activities.