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Unit 11 explains the first two parts of the four skills present for any language - reading and listening. First it briefly describes why we ingest language, for pleasure or purpose, followed by a description of the sub-skills that are used by people when they read or listen and the instances when they would use them: prediction, scanning, skimming, detailed reading, and deriving meaning. The unit then explains the potential problems associated with receiving language and tips on how to avoid these issues, including pre-teaching problematic vocabulary, relevant topic selection, and interest development in the subject. I found that the patchwork ESA lesson plan that followed to be a good representation of all tips to avoid reception problems (aside from picking Elvis Presley, who might be a bit dated for younger audiences). By picking a topic (music) that most students can appreciate, pre-teaching difficult words during a Study phase, and developing interest by playing a selection of music, this lesson plan would likely be well received.