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As many different people learning the English language as their are in the world, so are the reasons for learning. Young learners usually are brought by parents and although they will pick up the language rather easy their attention span may be less than older students. Young learners need repetition like choral work. They are sometimes learning their own language as well. Students who are older but still do not have a grasp on the English language may also need repetition and a teacher should not be quick to point out mistakes because it can be discouraging. Adult learners who are looking to advance in a career or their company is asking them to learn English in order to compete in a global market are more motivated but time may be of concern because they have adult responsibilities other than class. I would welcome the opportunity to work one to one and be able to teach at an individual pace. I do love the interaction with students and sometimes a group can make all the difference in one person learning more from the others.