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This unit covered the different techniques that are used for teaching EFL, stating that they all have merit and it's wise to use a bit of each throughout the length of the semester or year. This unit went into the ESA method -- Engage, Study, Activate -- which is what this class focuses on. I learned the basics of how to create a lesson based on this model. First and foremost, it is extremely important to include all 3 stages, add variety in your lessons from day to day, and made sure you are using level-appropriate materials. It is also vital that each lesson start with Engage and end with Activate, otherwise the order can vary depending on the class level and what is being taught. I also learned the importance of feedback and how to administer it. The aim is to encourage self-awareness and improvement. It is always best to do this in a positive manner during the Study phase, and when the mistake is directly related to the lesson being taught, is regularly repeated, or impedes inderstanding.