TESOL Altamont South Dakota

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This unit gives information on the various kinds of testing that exist and their purposes. From this unit, I understand better how to create appropriate testing for students, whether it be with placement or progress tests. This unit also talks a lot about external tests that are available for students to rate their own language proficiency. Many of them are geared towards learning business English, which may be the students motivation for learning the language in the first place. Other tests are geared towards helping students determine if they have reached an appropriate level of English to be able to comfortably live in an English speaking society. Knowing what these tests are and being able to refer students to them will be of great use in the future I am sure. Students who want to work or live in an English speaking environment will either need these certifications for their future work or either to feel confident in being able to transition to a life where English is the main language of communication.