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Present tense is something that we use to describe an action that is currently taking place, something that currently exist, or an action that is habitually performed. The difficulty will be teaching students how to use present tense when they communicate. If I were to teach a class how to use present continuous, depending on their age group I would start off by engaging them in the game charades. Each student would perform an action verb. Everyone would have a card and demonstrate that verb in front of the class. During the study phase of the class I would explain the difference between present perfect and present continuous. There would be different sentences on the board and the students would select which present tense I was using.E.g- (Present Perfect) We have fallen and we can't get up. (Present Continuous) He's always smiling. During Activate phase I would have my students gather into small groups. Each group will write a sentences using present continuous and act it out in front of the class. e.g- We are kicking soccer balls