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As ever, I'd like to start with a few comments on the questions. Many of them are little vague or have many potential answers; 10& 12 are particular examples (10; at times the teacher spoke more slowly and at times he spoke more loudly - which choice is \"correct\"?)(12; at various points the teacher smiles, points and engages students seemingly unpredictable - though the unpredictability may be because we aren't given an overview of the class - and looks puzzled.) On the video - is there a higher resolution / cleaned audio version? I struggled to see much of what was happening. Onto personal reflection; this unit further solidified the importance of attitude and proper structuring / scaffolding to produce the best lesson for students. After watching the videos, I have to say I am jealous, as my students rarely output (as Japanese High Schooler 1st year) except in smaller groups (standard size is 40, smaller group is 20).