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In this unit I have learnt about future tenses, including future simple, future perfect, future continuous, future perfect continuous, going to, present continuous, and present simple. I have looked through all forms, examples, usages, common mistakes, and teaching ideas for each type of tenses. To summarize, I am trying to make few sentences here: 1. Future Simple: Look! You are carrying heavy stuffs, I will help you. 2. Future Perfect: By 9 P.M., I will have finished the house chores. 3. Future Continuous: At this time tomorrow morning, I will be relaxing in a spa center. 4. Future Perfect Continuous: Next year, we will have been living in Czech for two years. 5. Going to: I am going to visit my parents this summer. 6. Present Continuous: He is leaving. 7. Present Simple: My class starts at 10 A.M.