TESOL Guadalajara

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N.W. - Australia said:
This unit outlines all the different teaching aids and tips for using them effectively. I can't remember all of them, but It gives a really good list of online resources to enhance the teacher's ability to have plenty of resources available for preparation. A lot of those sites, have been blocked by the Korean department of education, so I've not been able to use them in the past, but I did see a lot of new sites that I hadn't discovered before. All of these resources given in this course I think will really enable me to provide a lot of new level appropriate supplemental material for my students. There are actually a couple new pieces of equipment for teaching that I'd never heard about. The IWP I believe is new to me. I'll have to do some research on it, so that I'm not surprised when I encounter it for the first time. It seems like it's a TV/Whiteboard that allows you to write on it with a stylus? It sounds intriguing, but I think that I'd prefer to just use a white board and if it's available a computer with a monitor/projector with it. I've found that this combination is one of the more effective than I imagine the IWP would be. I am always open to new ideas though.