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In this unit, we've learnt pronunciation and phonology Intonation - typically rise-fall pattern. we use fall-rise pattern when we expect the answer. Stress Rules a. 2 Syllable : stress on first syllable (China, table) b. most 2 syllable verbs : stress on last syllable (create, decide) c. words ending -ic, -sion, -tion : Stress on penultimate(2nd from last) (Jurassic, Geographic, television) d. words ending -cy, -ty, -phy, -gy, -ive, -al : Stress on ante-penultimate syllable (3rd from the last) (Democracy) e. compound words Compound nouns: stress on the first part (blackbird) compound adjectives : Stress on the second part (bad-tempered) compound verbs : Stress on the second part (understand, overflow) Articulation Velar Palatal Palatal-alveolar Alveolar Dental Labio-dental Bilabial Glottal Manner of Articulation Plosive Fricative Nasal Lateral Affricate Approximant