TESOL Keswick Iowa

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This unit is all about teaching and encouraging students to speak and write in English. Of all of the skills that are needed to learn English, I would say, for many students, speaking the language is the worst part. If a student says the wrong thing it is immediately judged and out there for all to see. A student has less time to contemplate the correct answer and therefore they become nervous and the idea of speaking becomes a serious discouraging factor. This is why teaching a student to speak must be thorough and gentle. If a student has the tools to fix their ?mess ups? and confidence in their intelligence, they will be much more willing to speak. Writing is a whole other beast all together, especially for those students who do not have a similar alphabet to English. Much of what they already know about language must be thrown out the door. However it is not impossible, and with some good activity?s, practice and games to keep them motivated, a student can and will succeed.