TESOL Yingkou

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J.P. - U.K. said:
This unit has introduced some theories, methods and techniques that have been used to teach people new languages. Some of these methods vary greatly in their delivery, but each one seems to have some good qualities and reasonings behind it. The Silent Method and the Community Language Learning method are very \"student-centered\" and encourage the students to \"discover the language\" for themselves, while the PPP method and Audio-Lingualism can often be very \"teacher-centered\". Good teachers often employ aspects of different methods to ensure that their lessons do not become too predictable or boring and to keep their students interested and willing to learn. A good example of this is Jeremy Harmer's ESA method. This method uses different phases to \"engage, study, and activate\" during each lesson. During the engage phase, the student is introduced to new information and is able to practice it in fun activities. In the study phase, the student practices the proper pronunciation and grammar of the new information. In the activate phase, the student is encouraged to use the information on their own or with a group to confidently display their knowledge and use of the subject matter. This method seems as if it will be a very effective one, because I was able to learn Spanish very quickly with a method similar to this one.