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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.V. – Canada said:
I have learned the importance of being a good teacher who is positive and motivates, engages, and presents adapted material based upon their particular students needs and expectations. In addition I have learned that a teacher must have a firm grasp on the subject matter being studied and be prepared for any hiccups which may occur. In addition the teacher’s plays many different roles in the classroom. Sometimes they must manage and control and sometimes they must observe or monitor. In any account, a teacher must always be organized and resourceful adapting to each circumstance. They must use their voice, gestures, body language, and good eye contact to convey meaning to their students who sometimes come to the class with no previous english experience. By being a good example the teacher builds rapport with the student who is then more encouraged to be a “good” student whatever the level of study. This will defiantly come into play in my future classroom. I have learned about the importance of setting the seating arrangement up to fit with the activity and number of students to enhance the learning experience. I have also learned to be aware of discipline issues and the possible reasons behind them. Because of this new understanding, I can see myself being more understanding and more patient with future students who may not have had the chance or have been as lucky as myself in terms of family love, and involvement, which has helped me in so many ways. Those who have not are just looking for respect, appreciation, and someone who cares. Throughout the course I have learned A LOT about grammar, which I have not studied since a long time (some I haven’t seen since elementary years). It will be very helpful for me to refer back to potential problem areas that students commonly have This will prove to be very useful when conducting a class for sure as I will be able to take the examples that I have made in my coursework and use them in my lesson plans when teaching the particulars of that particular form of grammar. In addition I think that I will reference back to the notes and information that was given by ITTT picking from it lesson plan ideas, references, vocabulary, exercises for students, etc. The list can go on. I have learned a lot about making lesson plans and finding interesting resources to keep the class interested. The evaluation form (needs analysis) and information on it in unit 19 will be extremely useful when starting out as a teacher in a business environment, and there are some questions on it that I think I would even be able to apply when teaching in a different setting. In terms of other resources, this course has given many different sites and books as recommendations to continued study for the teacher and/or students. I will defiantly be taking a look further into these as I am sure they will come in handy in terms of helping me to find out students needs/aspirations with english and afterwards adapting the course to fit those needs.