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H.L. - U.K. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseEnglish is now considered the most widely used language in the world. It is spoken as a first language in countries such the United Kingdom, united states of America, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. It is the official language of the European Union and other world organisations. Due to the growth of english as the universal language, increase in travelling and working abroad, the demand to learn english has risen. My personal reasons for completing a TEFL course, and I assume for many others, is that I am able to teach something that I am already an expert in. I have always wanted to travel, see the world, experience new cultures but not via the touristic path. Completing a TEFL course, I am able to work, fund myself and do all the things stated above. I am able to immerse myself in a new way of living, live like a native would in the respective country and even learn a new language myself. Finally, I am able to teach and share my knowledge, knowing that the reward of seeing my students grow and develop is the most satisfying. The TEFL course is a recognised course that is required by many countries to be able to teach english as a foreign language. As native speakers, being asked to plan a lesson on english grammar, vocabulary and/or pronunciation most of us would not know where to start. The TEFL course provides structure and guidance, reinforces grammar and sentence building, such that we are able to explain and teach english clearly and fluently. We are pushed to look at english in a logical way, such that we can relate to our students and teach it such that they to can speak english as a foreign language. Not only does the TEFL course helps native speakers to teach english in a technical way, it also provides information with difficulties teachers may encounter and suggestions on how teachers can over come them. It provides teaching and studying ideas for various areas of the english language and for the different levels of language abilities. Therefore for beginner teachers like myself, I have a good foundation of what is expected of me, ideas that I can utilise, that I can build, develop and expand. Obtaining a TEFL certificate opens many more options than just teaching english in public schools. TEFL certified teachers can teach in private schools, private one-to-one classes as extra work, summer schools, business setting and/or even as a nanny. Teachers are able to work with a large range of students, young learners, adults, business people etc. thus developing their own communication skills and interpersonal skills. A tefl certification is an excellent skill to possess as it shows personal development, mobility, develops global perception and better ability at interacting with different cultures. Regardless of the reasons for completing a TEFL course, albeit to travel, experience new culture, learn a new language or to break into international career development, a TEFL certification can help accomplish all these goals.