TESOL Pingxiang

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M.G. - Singapore said:
This unit discusses the needs of special groups, namely beginners, individual students, children and business English. I summarise below: Beginners: They range from absolute beginners with zero English, some of which who may not even know the Roman alphabet, young beginners where it may not be their choice to study, so motivation might be low, through to adult beginners who have chosen to study so motivation may be higher. keeping things clear, consistent, simple, visual with constant revision is the key to success with these groups. Individual students: this has several benefits in that it the course can be specifically tailored to the one individual needs. There are negatives though as it may be intense for the individual, and the class dynamic is not there - less ability to learn from peers/peer discussion. Children: Key things to be aware of when teaching children are a slower pace, variation in tone, lots of repetition and positive encouragement. Variation of activity is important to keep children engaged and motivated. Business English: These can vary from 1:1 lessons to group lessons and will vary greatly depending on the student levels and abilities. Starting with a needs analysis allowing you to plan tailored lessons to the business needs is a great start. It is not necessary to focus on the specific industry, more a general grasp of business English is appropriate.