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M.D. - U.S.A. said:
We have focused on the pronunciation and phonology in this unit. Most learners find that it is one of the most challenging area while learning English as one might not be confident to say the language when they are not certain with the correct pronunciation. Therefore, phonology is developed in order to provide a clear and accurate method for teachers to teach English pronunciation. Personally, I found this unit is much more challenging than those previous units because the phonetic script is quite difficult to understand and to say a complete sentence while it is not the usual way for me to speak or read English. However, once I have studies the phonetic chart, I have a better understanding of how English words are pronounced. And it gives me a better idea and contrast to how to construct a phonic lesson which I did during a part time job. The phonetic script provides a better indication of the intonation and stresses should be placed in a word and a sentence while normal phonics class that used to teach beginners such as the short and long vowels, digraphs, blends do not give any indication of how the intonation and stress should be inserted in a syllable. In conclusion, the phonetic script has given be a better idea of how a word should be pronounced, but I think it would require more practice for me to master this skill and to merge it to speaking or phonics lessons.