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J.Z. – U.S.A. said:
Tests and assessments are used for different purposes through out teaching. The most common tests are; Placement tests, designed to place new students into the correct class according to their ability. Progress tests - used to gauge what has been remember and what needs practice. Diagnostic tests - similar to placement but sometimes more extensive. Given at start of course to see what students already know. Practice tests - similar to external exams that they are preparing for. There are a range of external exams to meet students requirements for wanting to learn English. For example; TOEFL - Test English as a Foreign Language. IELTS _ International English Language Testing System. TOEIC - Used in Japan and Korea but becoming more popular in Europe. Cambridge Assessment - A number of different categories to suit needs KET (Key English Test) Elementary level exam. PET (Preliminary English Test) Intermediate level Exam). FCE (First Certificate in English) An upper intermediate level exam. CAE (Certificate in Advance English) Advance exam. CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) Very advance level exam. There is also Business English BEC ( Business English Certificates) and BULATS (Business Language Testing Service).

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