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M.D. - Vietnam said:
In unit 14,there are two main things to be treated,the coursebook and the lesson materials,the coursebook is with a set of materials for example;workbook, students book, teachers cassettes while the lesson materials is use to supplement the coursebook. The lesson materials is divided into two,the authentic and the created materials,the authentic can be considered when we hear or read, and created material is made by the teacher to supplement the coursebook,how ever, we most not forget the use of authentic materials and the common created materials. On the other hand,there are negative and positives impact for the coursebook, that also most not be forgotten, and also the four different options for the use of a coursebook which are:Omit,when the teacher decides to omit certain things from the coursebook.Replace,a teacher may replace a similar material instead of omitting unsuitable materials,supplement;when the teacher adds extra materials , adapt; when the teacher use same basic materials to his or her own way. Lastly we most not also forget how to analyze a coursebook through the price,design ,methodology,syllabus,topic skills and teacher's guide. In this lesson or unit, i have learned about how to use the created and the authentic materials to supplement a coursebook,the use of the materials,the advantages and disadvantages of a coursebook and how to analyze a coursebook.