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Learned how to sound out words using the phonetic alphabet and in number of syllables. Learned the intonation (variation in pitch and volume) and the normal patter of Rise/fall, the not often used fall/rise, and the flat. Learned how the stressed word of a sentence differs depending on the intention of the sentence. Learned an awful lot about the phonetic alphabet and the voiced and unvoiced differences. In relation to the voiced and unvoiced, learned the different speech organs and The Place of Articulation and how it impacts the word being spoken (palatal, palatal-alveolar, dental, labio-dental, bilabial and glottal). The Manner of Articulation taught the different ways a word is spoken (plosive, fricative,nasal, lateral, affricate and approximate) and the chart with the different phonetic script showing the variations (i.e., dental-fricative or velar-plosive).