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N. I. - Japan said:
This is my first online course. I am very impressed and content with the way ITTT conducted the TESOL Training. The whole course was done with skills and complete professionalism, well thought out and very challenging. I especially like the ESA process which made the lesson planning easy to create and has an effective result in the end. The grammar rules are also important to me, to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in english language and to be able to share that knowledge. Besides the need for TESOL certificate, I’m also excited to share the experience to my students in home base and Junior high school and be a part of their learning process. I’m having a hard time controlling my schedule but I am grateful to the support I got from my tutor “Jon”. At first I was worried that I might not finish it on time because I was busy 24-7, but he assisted me in every step of the way. He is simply incredible. I will miss working with him. I’d definitely recommend ITTT to my friends and colleagues. It has been a great and rewarding experience, a wonderful journey with you all especially with “Jon”. I take with me these memories I will treasure forever. Thank you for your help and support. I wish you all well.