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This test here has confirmed what i had believed for a while, a good healthy mixture of course books and created materials is important. But i do believe also that it really depends on the level of the students and past schooling. for young children it is far easier alot of the time to use created material as it keeps them interested, as for an older student at the same english level they can work in a course book with ease as they have many years of schooling and understanding of what is to be doneThe final unit of this course was basically about what to do during the first lesson and how to deal with problems that might occur. I think that the topics described in unit 20 will be useful for probably a teacher's whole career. For example, every time you will be in front of a new class, you will run into the same problems and you will have to prevent/solve them in the same way. Therefore, I think this unit was helpful in understanding and getting ideas on how to deal with specific situations.