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Unit 3 presents a number of theories for language learning that have been popular in the past, some of which are still used today (PPP, for example). The unit then discusses the essential elements in a language-learning methodology and introduces the \"E-S-A\" method developed by Jeremy Harmer. 'ESA' stands for Engage, Study, Activate -- the three essential phases of Harmer's work. ESA has been adopted by, and is required for, TESOL study and certification. Each of the ESA phases is explained in detail, citing examples and suggestions to engage students in their language acquisition. Special attention is paid to the technique of \"Elicitation,\" which is useful in all three ESA phases. The Feedback/Correction section was especially meaningful to me because it provided specific words, strategies and techniques to use in this crucial phase of teaching. I enjoyed this unit -- it helped me understand how language learning can be both meaningful and fun!