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K.N. - Canada said:
Consider this scenery. It is your first day teaching a EFL class. Before you start your class, there are a few things you need to know about some common problems you may experience in your classroom. An important item to consider is if you are teaching a new EFL group or an existing one. The reason behind this, is to know if your students are aware of the EFL methodology or if you need to create affinity between student and methodology. In order to maintain the students interest and attention don?t start your classes with the subject you plan on addressing that day. The utilization of warmers (activities such as hangman, and memory games ) can be helpful to put the student in the mood to learn and think in English. Do not use students native language. Allow them to practice English and take advantage of their practice and classroom time. Of course that some students may have a shy personality or certain difficulty communicating in public. In those cases use methods to incentive the student to participate in class, such as paring the student with another classmate, or the use of role play. This unit was fun to read and definitely gives you the necessary tools to start your teaching career with much more confidence.