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In this unit, I learned how to teach language functions, grammar and vocabulary in a classroom setting. While it is always up to the teacher in how to teach this content, it is suggested in the unit to use a straight arrow ESA approach to teach vocabulary, a patchwork ESA approach to teach grammar and a boomerang ESA approach to teach language functions. I also learned of the different methods that can be used at each stage in an ESA approach for teaching language functions, grammar and vocabulary.In the final unit we study some of the problems teacher's experience in the classroom. The problems detected and potential were very useful, although I do feel this is very 'incident - specific,' individual students respond very differently to certain methods. Particularly the section of multi - level classes I found to be very helpful, because I wasn't sure whether pairing weaker and stronger students or using different materials was the right thing to do, but now I do see how it can be very useful.