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Unit twenty,focused on trouble shooting,presents common problems and situations that could be faced by teachers in a new class and how to handle them.A difficult class could be divided into two groups,the new group and the existing group. Warmers are very important to begin a class with as it places the students in a receptive mode.They feel free and willing to learn.Suggestions on warmers were given on how to handle students at various levels.The use of native language was also addressed how to deal with reluctant students and solutions to difficulties related to listening to texts.In Unit 9 Lesson Planning is introduced, with emphasis to why it is important to lesson plan, how to lesson plan, and various templates and examples. Lesson Planning is should be clear but at the same time very flexible to change. It is a rough draft or guideline of how the lesson should proceed, and will benefit inexperienced teachers greatly. Each teacher may lesson plan differently according to their own styles. The act of writing down the lesson plan aids planning the lesson itself, acts as a working document to refer to during the lesson, and acts as a record for future reference.