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J.Z. - Georgia said:
This unit focuses on the various teaching methodologies, with focus on the ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate). Using the straight-arrow method, I have made a lesson focusing on food vocabulary. Engage: The teacher warms up the students by acting as a server at a restaurant. Each student has a chance to order from the server by making simple requests (\"I want___, please!\"). The students can mime eating the food they just ordered. The teacher can encourage the students to describe the food (Is it big/small/hot/cold/sweet/sour/soft/crunchy/salty/etc). This activity encourages students to use food vocabulary and adjectives they already know. Study:When the role-play is over, the teacher has a chance to review basic sentence structure and correct mistakes made during the activity. The teacher can do a few fill-in-the-blank examples on the board and then provide a worksheet to encourage vocabulary memorization (matching, fill-in-the-blank, etc). Activate: In groups, students can design their own restaurant menu using their favorite foods. They can use the other team's menu to order from to practice simple sentences and vocabulary. The teacher facilitates the activity with observation and gentle correction (if need be). The students should be able to use their current knowledge and new vocabulary introduced during the study phase.