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J.Y. - Bangladesh said:
Unit 19, Teaching special groups, highlighted several different groups of students that a teacher may encounter. The lesson discussed teaching beginners, individual students, children, English for business, and the monolingual and multilingual class. With all of these different types of classes a teacher will be met with different obstacles and needs and must adapt the course to suite the students. I learned a great deal of useful information in regards to each group. The group that appeals to me the most is teaching children. I feel the teaching of children takes great patience, creativity and passion for the work and it can in return be incredibly rewarding. I found it interesting that lesson highlighted the duty and responsibility that one takes on when teaching children. You are entrusted with their care and also take a role in shaping their young minds. This goes beyond the job of teaching grammar and something that, for me personally, makes teaching so valuable. The final part of the course that I found very helpful was pertaining to English for business. The lesson gave me an understanding of the purpose for this type of teaching. This section also included things to be aware of such as a lack of motivation by some students, the need to take the class at a slower pace as the students may be tired, and sporadic attendance.