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This was a rather straight forward unit, which went over the subtleties of the future tenses, with the inclusion of some of the present tenses that have already been covered. As always, teaching ideas were included, which is always in my opinion, the most useful segment of the lessons. One piece that I appreciated was the interesting note that the terms \"shall\" and \"shan't\" are only used in the UK. As an American, I have not been exposed to this language in very much depth, so it was interesting to see that this is actually a part of their language.As a teacher myself I was very careful to maintain respect between me and my students, specially that they are much older than I am. Some problems arose and it took a bit of work to sort them out. In this unit I've learned how not to have those problems in the first place, and how to deal which each one in case I have any. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of every seating and grouping plan was really valuable, and will help a lot in my upcoming classes. Also the knowledge on how to reduce TTT and increase STT was something I've been looking for.