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L.M. – U.S.A. said:
This unit is focused on modal verbs (verbs like can,should,may etc used before main verbs to add meaning),passive voice(sentences where the object of the active voice becames the subject of the the passive voice) and active vioce(sentences which have their focus on the agent), relative cluases(group of words containing a subject and a verb) and phrasal verbs( verbs consisting more than one word).Worthy of note is the fact that these grammar items maybe complicated but must be taught. Some of the things I have acquired from this Unit, the uses of the modal verb are overwhelming ; just a change of can to may makes the sentence more polite. A mastery of this will help both teacher and student both in and out of class.Also a sound knowledge of how to use the passive voice is very important as learners will always want to say some things leaving out the details for privacy reasons or other reasons.Many people send across the wrong message if the passive voice is not properly used.My Dad who lives in the UK died. In thie sentence that has no commas, the speaker may be seen as having many Dads.