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This unit covers the four present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. It provides explanations for how the tenses are formed and what kind of situations the tenses are used in, and it also provides example sentences and activity suggestions. In reading this unit, I got a great review of the four present tenses and solidified my knowledge of what kind of situations each tense is used in (e.g. present simple is used for talking about habits, routines, commentaries, instructions, etc.). As a native speaker of English, it's easy to use the different forms of present tense, but it's difficult to actually EXPLAIN what kind of situations they're used in, how they're formed, and how they might be incorrectly used. So studying this content has helped me to become able to explain how the tenses are formed and used--and if a student were to use any of them incorrectly, I can pinpoint and explain what error(s) was made and correct the student's work accordingly.