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J.Z. - U.S.A. said:
In this unit, we could watch 2 versions of a TEFL lesson - one in which the TEFL teacher demonstrated a lack of interest in the lesson and the learners - and a second in which the teacher showed greater interest in the learners and took greater care to teach the materials. It is clear that the students' reactions to each lesson are markedly different. In the poorly executed lesson, the students show little willingness to interact with the lesson, and seem lost throughout most of the lesson. The teacher appears inapproachable and unsympathetic apropos their difficulties understanding the lesson. In the second, the students are far more receptive to the content of the lesson, and offer many answers to the teacher when the teacher reviews the grammar and answers. The students are often congratulated and thanked for their answers - they feel valued for their efforts, and can have greater belief in their English-learning progress. These videos are vital references for would-be TEFL teachers. Teachers-in-training can recognize their own shortcomings while watching the first video, while they can appreciate the skills possessed and the lesson planning designed by the teacher in the second. Watching these videos can motivate teachers-in-training to improve their skills. We can be encouraged by watching well-executed TEFL lessons.