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S.H. – Korea said:
The productive skills of speaking and writing in the English language should be approached in the classroom in a different way than receptive skills. There are two aspects to be concerned with when dealing with productive skills: fluency and accuracy. Fluency and accuracy both call for different amounts of teacher or student control. In accuracy based activities, the language is controlled by the teacher, whereas as we approach more fluency based activities, the content is less controlled by the teacher. Different fluency and accuracy activities include games, discussions, debates, drilling and prompting by the teacher, and role-play. Naturally, when dealing with productive skills, student participation is key. Teachers must be aware of characteristics that may hold students back from participating such as confidence, fear, interest, and intimidation. In order to avoid these issues, pair and group work, planning, activities, and practice is key. As with most other units, ESA framework is a useful approach to the lesson.