TESOL Srinagar

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S.N. - Canada said:
The lesson \"Class management\" gives great review on the whole class management style and all necessary behaviours in the class room. From Eye contact, body language, the right voice intonation and input to group arrangement, the lesson is very exact and clear in every detail. What would be the right thing to do in a class room? Let students work individualy or pair them or do whole class activities? Well each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. For example in individual work the teacher could focus on the persons speciffic problems whille in a pair exercise we could see if a person is confident and happy with speaking with another person who was randomly chosen for him (as it happens in real life). Something very important is the teachers talk time. Being able to explain a lesson in a simpple yet elegant manner is an art on its own but every teacher should try to achieve it. For example teachers should reduce the usage of too complicated terms and words such as TEFL vocabulary and be able to simplify a lesson. Another good advice is to try to keep the spoken language a bit below the lesson that is being taught. And lastly the lesson focuses on building rapport. Mutual respect, clear instructions, punctuality and rules are some of the main points to build a proper rapport between students and teacher. Solving problems and problematic personalities is also key to ensure the class environment stays educational, relaxed and helps students gain more knowledge.