TESOL Yichang

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K. V. - U.S.A. said:
Though the two videos cover the same topic, they are vastly different. The first video showed a teacher who was not welcoming and did not explain what was going on. He kept repeating terms without taking the time to make sure the students understood what they meant. At times he brushed off questions or inserted new information when the class was in the middle of an activity, thus confusing them even more. He did not smile and did not take the time to create a good rapport with his students. This lead to a tense classroom setting and minimal, if any, individual participation. They students were not willing to speak out and give answers for fear of being chastised and being told they were wrong. The second video, however, displayed a teacher who was interested in his students, welcoming in nature, and willing to explain each activity they did. The students were instantly put at ease and willingly gave answers. They participated as a whole and as individuals. Not only did they learn the material the teacher was presenting them, they understood it because he took the time to explain a concept if they did not understand it the first time. The teacher spoke slowly and clearly and involved the students as much as possible. His talk time was equal to that of his students. The second video was an example of how an ESL class should be run.