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So, while teaching there may appear some problems, e.g. students with different levels, very large classes, silent and very shy students, problems with listening etc. In this case a teacher needs to solve the problem, but not to avoid it. The unit gives ideas about how to solve these problems. The unit also gives some ideas for workers, which teachers can use in their teaching. And also at the beginning of the unit there's given information about the first lessons: what is better to do during the first lesson etc. For myself I picked up some ideas for my lessons. Thank you!In this unit, I learned about structures of a lesson. In the beginning, the unit discussed different methods of teaching a foreign language. I found it interesting to read about them, as I was unaware of so many different approaches. Then, the unit introduced the ESA method of learning a new language and discussed each of the stages in depth. In addition, there were many ideas provided for activities appropriate for each stage of the ESA. Finally, I found it useful to learn about how to professionally correct students, as it is a sensitive matter for many language learners.