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After going through the unit, I have come to the conclusion that teaching is a business where teachers and students have to reach an agreement and level of commitment to achieve their goals and objectives on both sides. A teacher needs to know how to manage the classroom and the students. A teacher is basically a manager who has a difficult job to do. He is a person who manages people or students in the classroom; and for that, he needs to take into consideration space-location, resources, learning strategies, and the outcome of his job in general. Conducting or teaching a class is a very complex process that never ends by itself. The end of a class is just the beginning of a new one. The outcome of each class is what helps or tells the teacher that results are being achieved correctly. That, values, principles and guidelines are still in place and that they are working out for everyone in the teaching process. YONNY DARIO RODRIGUEZ CHIRINOS ESL TEACHER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INDIANAPOLIS IN +1 360 3102647