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Past tenses have four aspects: Simple, Continuous, Perfect and Perfect Continuous. In this unit the formation, usage, typical mistakes and samples of activation exercises of each are given. One should differentiate regular and irregular verbs. Regular verbs form Past Simple by adding '-ed' to the base verb form.The verb 'to be' is the only verb which has two forms in the past; 'was' and 'were'. The Past Continuous is formed with the help of 'to be' in the correspondent form and '-ing' and features that the action was in progress in the past. The Past Perfect is formed with the help of the auxiliary verb 'to have' and Past Participle of the notional verb and shows that the action had finished in the past before another past action started. The Past Perfect Continuous is formed with the help of the verbs 'have been' and adding '-ing' to the notional verb and indicates that the action began before a time in the past and continued up until that time with no indication whether or not the action continued beyond that time.