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This course unit covered Teaching Material Options. First, this unit explained Authentic Materials. Authentic Materials are materials that are native to English speakers, and as such, are generally not graded to a specific level of students, and as a result, can be confusing. Second, this unit explained Created Materials. Created Materials are created by the teacher as a supplement to the lesson. These materials have a much greater flexibility than Authentic Materials, but are also more time consuming. Third, this unit explained Course Books, their advantages, disadvantages, and suggested uses. Finally, this unit explained that there are four options for using Course Books, Omitting lessons, Replacing lessons, Supplementing lessons, and Adapting lessons. This unit taught me that if I am fortunate enough to choose the course book, that I must use consideration when choosing it. This unit also taught me that though already created lessons, and course books are convenient, they cannot be fully relied on by a good teacher.