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This was a pretty detailed unit on teaching themes and how to incorporate them into the class. the lesson plan examples at the end are very helpful to see the different uses in play. I don't think the questions 15-19 are very good as actually viewing the link shows non-specific content to the satisfy the question. I currently work at Microsoft for Bing and I've never heard of Woopidoo or Onlinenewspapers( both of which have questionable authority and spammy content). Overall, his was a solid unit.Receptive skills are what allow you to understand language (as opposed to productive skills, which allow you to communicate with others). There are different types of receptive skills, such as scanning, skimming, and detailed reading. Many students that I have encountered so far do not know how to skim, and I was wondering how one would teach skimming to an ESL student. Every word is important, but not every word needs to be read in order to get the point. How would you go about teaching skimming?