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J.D. – U.S.A. said:
This unit explores conditional if/when sentence structures and how we report speech to others. In understanding how reporting changes tenses within a sentence, a good knowledge of how those tenses operate in general is essential. A high degree of nuance is also required. For instance, in the multiple choice questions above I felt that several options could be correct depending on the context of the reporting. For example, in question seventeen if I was sitting with a friend and talking on the phone to Jane and my friend asked me what Jane had said, I would respond, \"Jane said she went to Italy last week.\" However, if I was recounting my conversation with Jane to friends at a party several weeks later I would instead say, \"Jane said that she had gone to Italy the week before.\" This shift is subconscious for native speakers, but non-native speakers do not have the luxury of responding subconsciously until they have reached a very advanced level of language acquisition. Understanding how different tenses are used is essential to being able to recount past information with accuracy.