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I learned the part of speech in English and the basic tenses used in verbs. There are present indicative, past indicative, present participle, and past participle forms of each verb. Additionally I learned the function of different parts of speech such as articles, gerunds, and adverbs. Many of the parts of speech were differentiated into different sections to provide a more in-depth analysis of each one. The provided examples helped to clarify which words were examples of the given parts of speech.In this unit, I learned about course books and created materials and their diferrences. For me, a teacher can always use a comination of course books and materials created in teaching. It is because of the reason that course books come with complete set and consistent information and created materials are made to create interest and relevance. Both has advantages and disadvantages which will challenge the flexibility of the teacher to do options in maiting the classroom's attentiveness and interest.