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This unit was helpful in understanding how to manage a class. There were many aspects classroom management that I was not aware of, such as using gestures and how to physically arrange the class. Using gestures is important for conveying the lesson and emphasizing key points, and arrangement of the class is critical in the type of class a teacher wishes to have. The section on discipline is important because most of the time, discipline is dependent on the behavior of the teacher, and students will feed off of this behavior.This unit outlin s the different tests and evaluations needed to be done in school to establish the students language levels, learning abilities, progress and knowledge gaps. Although these examinations seem quite daunting to the students they are necessary to help the teacher establish the correct level and content to teach students. There are many different courses and syllabus tutorials and tests that teachers can obtain to help them and students when preparing for examinations for many different universities and businesses.

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