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K.W. - U.S.A. said:
This unit examined the different materials a teacher can use during a course. The materials can be divided into 2 groups: there are so-called authentic materials, like programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems, brochures, menus, films on video, etc. and created materials, like crosswords, word search puzzles, role-play cards, flashcards, gap fill activities, picture stories, etc. Although the former ones are real and therefore more interesting and motivating, since these are not graded for level, these should be selected carefully. The latter ones are usually created by the teacher and can be graded to the level of the students. The different types of materials that can be used during a lesson are: wipe board, visual aid, worksheets, CD/DVD, dictionary, and also course books. An important advantage of using a course book is that it provides a syllabus which is graded to a level suitable for the students and it normally provides a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work. At the same time it does not always fit the specific needs and interests of all class members. When this type of material is used it is not recommended to be used for the whole lesson. A lesson in the book can be omitted, replaced, supplemented or even adapted. The teacher should be creative and find the type of exercises with which the students can be motivated.